30th Birthday Hall Hire Dartford

Amar Hall is the perfect venue to hire if you're looking for a hall in Dartford to hold a 30th birthday party for 30th Birthday Hall Hire Dartford yourself, a friend or a family member. Amar Hall has a couple of different services to be included in the hall hire, which can all add up to make this 30th birthday party the greatest it can be. Included in the possible additions to the hall hire are services such as use of Amar Hall's permanent bar and bar staff to tend the bar for you and your guests.

Getting to your 30th Birthday Hall Hire has never been easier as Amar Hall is just a 5 minute walk from Dartford train station and less than a minutes walk from the nearest bus stop. Once the night has worn down and you are ready to leave, there are plenty of cab offices situated in close proximity in Dartford Town Centre.

Amar Hall has space to comfortably seat 80 to 100 people - more if not everybody is seated - all of which can be served by our bar and bar staff. Amar Hall can be used for practically any event, and has been used by many people and ensured the positive experience of many of our customers organising a great deal of varying events through the years. The experience we have from these past events means that we can easily ensure that you and your guests have a great time at this 30th birthday event.

At the Hall, we can provide you with any variety of drinks for your 30th birthday event, ensuring that whatever the personal taste of the guests, we can provide the drinks you need. This service includes not only your average bar drinks such as spirits, beers, wines and soft drinks; but also cocktail ingredients - making sure that we can help to improve the experience for everyone at the event, regardless of their preferred style of drink. Along with the drinks that we can provide, we can also provide you with bar staff to serve at the bar for you.

If you would like to find out more about hiring out Amar Hall for a 30th birthday party, please contact us.


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