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Being located in Dartford, Amar Hall has some great links to all parts of the country with a central bus stop for both TFL and Fast Track busses as well as a large train station all within 5 minutes walk of the hall. With a car park opposite, Amar Hall really is the place to be in Dartford!

Amar Hall has long been one of the most popular function halls in Dartford. This is partly due to the long list of services that Amar Hall can offer to the clients that use it! These include services such as a fully functional bar with a large selection of drinks, door security for 18th and 21st birthday parties, cleaning services for some parties and a long list of recommended outside services such as caterers, decorations and themes.

However, Amar Hall have a brand new service that can be used during all events that take place at the hall. Amar Hall are pleased to offer strip LED lighting for birthday parties, wedding receptions, naming ceremonies, anniversaries, charity events and more. Our sophisticated LED lighting strips are wirelessly controlled through a remote control which can programme the lights to do many different things. Just some of the amazing features of these lights include different colours of flashing lights at the same time on each strip; a flowing light show that begins in one strip and makes its way through each light until it reaches the end and can then bounce back through all of the lights again!

These lights have proved to be a great success at the Hall at recent events as different users have set the lights up in different locations throughout the space, including in front of the stage hen live acts are performing, along the area that is cleared for dancing at some events so the dancers get a real feel of a nightclub! With the hall lights dimmed, these LED lights really give a great feel to the event and Amar Hall have only had great feedback from those who have used them.

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