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The decorations which are chosen for an event are always chosen with special care in relation to what you want and what type of event you are holding whether it is a wedding, birthday, corporate event or even a retirement party. Table DecorThe first thing that anyone would think of for a theme of a wedding is white decorations due to the fact that it is traditional and can look very classy. However, why not go for something different that would make you an individual so you could say ‘I did this and am one of the first’. Why not have the theme of your favourite colour. For example purple. Imagine this: You are newly married, glowing in a way you never have before, so happy and filled with joy.

You are about to step into your reception and the first thing you see is all of your family and friends smiling at you with pride that you are now married. The next thing you see is the tables. Not the unoriginal, boring white table cloths with a bouquet of flowers in the middle but a fantastic shade of purple with crystal like cutlery and an extravagant set of candles lit and placed in a ring in the middle of the table. Not only that but in the middle of the ring of candles is the most beautiful set of Gloxinia flowers and when thought of in more depth is discovered that they mean ‘love at first sight’ referring to you and your spouse and also anyone else who is a happy couple attending your big day.

Why have an ordinary wedding when you could have one which you will remember and love forever with a secret meaning that only you will know is there. Even if purple isn’t your thing then you can change it in accordance to what suits you; may it be renaissance themed, pirates or just a classic party with many different shades of blue present. Even if it isn’t a wedding you are looking for then all you need to do is think about anything which you think you may be interested in. The possibilities are endless! Here are a few ideas not just for weddings but also birthdays and anything else which could be celebrated as a party:

  • Nintendo Wii themed with decorations of game characters like the Mario brothers and sonic heroes.
  • Eighties theme where everything is fluorescent colours and the dress code is things like leg warmers and sweat bands.
  • The Oscars. Everyone has to turn up looking glamorous. There could be a red carpet, a casino, a bar, amazing goody bags and even awards given out for achievements like the best dressed or who has done the most charity work that year.
  • Heroes and villains. A good idea is to have blown up front covers of classic comic books like ‘Spiderman’ or ‘Wonder Woman’.
  • Masquerade. Think ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ scene with all of the big extraordinary dresses and ballroom dancing.
  • Animals. Cheetah print curtains and a visit from the local zoo with some of their animals. Naming themes and decorations could go on forever but it really depends on the person; what they like, what the event is for.

No matter what you decide to choose Amar Hall will always provide the best they can to make you and your occasion the best it possibly could be.

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