Wedding Venue Hire Dartford

Weddings tend to be huge events in not just families but society in general. If you’re looking for a wedding reception in or near Dartford, then Amar Hall is the perfect wedding venue for you! It can hold a large number of people comfortably seated, and has space to hold additions to the hall for the event – an example being a banquet, which can be put up around the hall, allowing you to arrange the organisation of the food in a way that best suits your taste and the organisation of the rest of the wedding. Wedding Venue Hire Dartford

Amar Hall’s Bar makes it a great venue for if you’re looking for alcohol at your Dartford Wedding Hall Hire, as our bar creates an efficient, practical and professional way to serve drinks for you and your guests. Our bar is manned by our expert bartenders, which further increases the experience of having a bar by ensuring that no-one who could be at the party is stuck behind a bar, and our bar staff can instead ensure not only provide a more experienced and professional service, but they can do so without a family member or friend having to fill the role.

Amar Hall is a venue located in a very accessible area of Dartford, which makes it great for a wedding where many people may be coming from all different areas via many different means of transport. The hall is located conveniently nearby to areas for parking spaces, as well as a few different ‘hotspots’ for public transport including bus and rail links. This means that guests to the wedding event can easily access the venue, ensuring a lot less stress upon the guests whether they are driving themselves to the event, or getting a bus or train to the hall.

As your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest of your life – Amar Hall gives you the freedom to bring in your own catering and DJ as well as decorating the hall yourself. This gives you choice of what type of meal you wish to put on (three course or buffet etc.), which songs you wish to have played throughout the Dartford wedding reception and which colour balloons, confetti and chair covers you wish to have as decor.

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